Age Certificate: N/A

Duration: 12:11

Shoot style: POV (point of view) of a car driver

Introduction: This twelve minute film is shot form the the driver's point of view and seeks to improve young driver hazard awareness and eye scanning skills. The scenarios begin slowly, as we gradually add more hazards and distractions into the narratives. Viewers are asked to simply observe each scenario and mentally note any hazards or distractions they feel are significant. We then play each scene through again, with the each hazard identified in real-time by an icon.

Background: Many new drivers believe that their main risk of crashing comes from distractions, drink, drugs and speed. That's true to some extent, but the inexperience of newly qualified drivers means that it's these risk factors coupled with poorer than average hazard detection skills that mean road crashes remain the biggest killer of 16-25 year olds in the UK. We all know we shouldn't drink drive, or text and drive - but teaching new drivers to spot hazards earlier means they will have more time to react. And when inexperience means choosing how to react appropriately can take much longer; that extra second or two can make the difference between a close call and a major collision.


Who is behind this film?
In 2017, the Road Safety Team at Hertfordshire County Council decided to invest in three virtual reality films; one each for drivers, cyclists and motorcyclists. Young Driver Hazard Perception training was an obvious choice choice for the 'driver' film, because whereas current training tools put all the hazards in front of the viewer on a 2D screen, virtual reality requires viewers to eye-scan and move their heads, just like they would when driving a car for real on the roads.